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Rupit is a quaint charming village is just 3 km from La Cabana del Vilar. Its cobblestone streets, the houses of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and the famous wooden suspension bridge have made Rupit was declared a historic-artistic.

Rupit's surroundigs

It adds to the beauty of this town the natural beauty of its surroundings: the Sau, Tavertet cliffs, the volcanic area of Garrotxa - protected area, the sanctuary of Santa Maria de Cabrera, casserres monastery, castle Onslaught of... You can walk and trails that offer spectacular views.

Salt de Sallent

Do not miss Sallent jumping with its 100 m high water fall produces a visual and sonic impact.

Such is the importance of this jump, that at certain times of the year there is a tourist train that links the jump Rupit Sallent. A train that offers the possibility of making the return journey or just one of the two directions of the journey.

You can also make Sallent hop route with an electric bike to discover the natural environment Collsacabra.

Esglèsies romàniques

Catalan Romanesque lovers can visit the church of Santa Magdalena, San Juan de Fàbregues, San Andres... Romanesque find two routes : the Rupit and Santa Maria de Corcó.
You are close to Vic There you can visit the old town and its famous market square, the Cathedral of St. Peter and the Roman temple.